Fast forward to 2010 – Gary’s passion for Craft Beer and customer service had become somewhat of an obsession and he became very involved in the North Carolina Craft Beer movement, becoming quick friends with a number of soon to be Brewery owners.  By this time Gary had honed is home brewing skills and started operating his home brewing out of a second home that he and his Wife owned in Rocky Mount, NC.  Gary then rekindled his idea of “Boondocks” and he started branding his home brewed beers as “Boondocks Brewing”.  He also began focusing a lot of his time and attention to the Ashe County area where he and his wife’s family had a vacation home.  Gary would actually transport Spring water from Creston, in Ashe County, back to Rocky Mount for brewing – he recalls, “there was just something about the naturally fresh and tasty water of the area that turned normal recipes into something special”.

The following are some of the early branding ideas and beer labels that Gary began working on as the dream of Boondocks Brewing continued to develop.

Boondocks logo design 045 Boondocks logo design 062 Boondocks logo design 040  Boondocks logo design 066b Boondocks logo design 046h Boondocks logo design 046fBoondocks logo design 094g Boondocks logo design 065a Boondocks logo design 093a Boondocks logo design 083

Craft Beer

Fast forward to 2001 – The Bank in which Gary worked as Head of Information Technology was acquired by RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) and Gary took the role of Head of Technology Integration and Architecture for RBC US.  It was then that he began to travel to Toronto, Ontario and other parts of the US on a regular basis which opened up a new and exciting world of Craft Beer, quality food and world class service.

The Dream was Hatched

1983 – While stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY as a member of the 101st Airborne Division, our founder and Head Brewer, Gary Brown, started to dabble with brewing beer at home.  He is the first to admit that it was about cheap alcohol and not quality in those early days.  It was during Gary’s time in the Ft. Campbell area that a thought of someday opening a “cool” place called Boondocks was born.  This was also when Gary first started to “doodle” a character that would eventually become known as the “Boon Man”.
early Boonman