Getting Started

Getting Started

This is not intended to be an all inclusive set of instructions on the process of brewing beer.  Instead it is intended to be used as a basic guideline and reference.  Links to additional information and suggested reading has been added as a means of providing more details.

There are 2 main phases to making beer (1) Brewing and (2) Bottling.  There is also an additional phase that is practiced by many brewers but this is an optional phase based on your personal brewing preference – Transferring.

Each of these phases has a number of “steps” that after several batches becomes almost second nature.  It is still good to work from a checklist in a stepwise manner to ensure consistency and to also add in “debugging” why one batch turned out different than another.

Phase 1: Brewing
           Combining the ingredients, and initiating fermentation


Phase 2: Bottling
           Bottling the beer for carbonation and further maturation

Step 1: Sanitizing
Step 2: Priming
Step 3: Siphoning
Step 4: Measuring
Step 5: Filling
Step 6: Capping
Step 7: Storing

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