NC Beer Guys

Also in 2013 we were honored to be paid a visit by the NC Beer Guys and even more honored by their generous review of 2 of our in-house brewed beers.  Gary had only received all necessary permits to begin brewing Commercially just a few months prior to this review and was still operating on a single 10-gallon brew system.

NCDOT Features West Jefferson in Video

In 2013 the North Carolina Department of Transportation published a video about the work that had been done in Downtown West Jefferson with the recently completed Streetscape project.  Gary and Boondocks Brewing were one of a few select West Jefferson businesses that were asked to participate in this video.  This video has since been seen around the Country as other small towns work towards reviving their downtown areas using West Jefferson as an example of what can be done.

Boondocks Brewing Tap Room & Restaurant

On August 1, 2012 we officially opened the doors as Boondocks Brewing Tap Room & Restaurant.

Instead of having a big grand opening, we instead carefully crafted a transformation strategy that would allow us to respectfully transition from Frasers Restaurant into Boondocks Brewing Tap Room & Restaurant.

The following is the announcement that we did make. We also made sure that everyone that came to visit us received a personal copy of our pledge to them.

We are excited to announce that Frasers Restaurant & Pub is in the process of transforming into Boondocks Brewing Tap Room & Restaurant

Boondocks Brewing Tap Room & Restaurant will provide a fresh and exciting destination for visitors and residents alike. Our goal is to provide a unique and engaging destination that will not only attract new visitors to West Jefferson and Ashe County but will be a place that residents are proud to call their own.

Our transformation will happen gradually over the next 6 months and will include many changes to the way we do business.
You will begin to notice more energy and enthusiasm from the staff, more use of locally grown ingredients, more responsive service and an ever changing and expanding beer and wine selection.
We will continue to serve the same great food that Frasers is known for and we are working hard to develop a more focused and simplified menu that will feature many of your favorites using as many fresh and local grown ingredients when possible.
We will continue to provide high-quality evening dining by providing an evening menu that will highlight dinner only items and specials.
Our plan is to start brewing our own beer by the Summer of 2013 which will be available fresh in the tap room which will also feature the largest selection of Craft Beers in the area.
You will still find the same great people and great food that Frasers is known for

We will always strive to honor the past while embracing the future!

The North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association picked up on our opening and published the following short article in their industry magazine.

member spotlight

West Jefferson as is was right before Boondocks Brewing

The following is a 2011 video posted by David Rush as he rode through downtown West Jefferson.  This short video provides a unique glimpse of West Jefferson as Gary saw it while trying to determine if this would be the future location of Boondocks Brewing.  This video also shows the two locations that are currently occupied by Boondocks Brewing.  The first location in this video is Geno’s Restaurant.  In 2014 this was transformed into Boondocks Brewing’s Brew Haus.  The second location is Frasers Restaurant which in 2012 was the original location of Boondocks Brewing.  You can also see the empty parking lot beside the building which in 2013 was converted into a 60′ streetside covered outdoor dining area referred to as the Boon Deck.  The back portion of that parking area has also been transformed into a pet-friendly Beer Garden

Frasers Restaurant 2010

In 2010 Gary began spending some time at one of only a few decent places to go to in West Jefferson, Frasers Restaurant and Pub.  The food was OK, the selection of Craft Beer was non-existent but the people and the potential were great.  Little did Gary know that a short time after this Commercial was produced he would be making a huge leap of faith by purchasing Frasers and opening Boondocks Brewing – but we are jumping ahead of ourselves……

Many of the people seen in this commercial became employees of Boondocks Brewing or many are still regular customers and loyal friends.

Getting Serious

As 2011 rolled around, Boondocks Brewing became more of an obsession than a hobby and when the US franchise of RBC was acquired by PNC out of Pittsburgh,  Gary felt that this was a good time for him to move in a different direction in his life.  He became even more involved in the Craft Beer movement and in early 2012 Gary formed Boondocks Brewing, LLC and took early retirement from the Corporate world.

Around this time Gary was already producing some popular beers with an Ashe County theme using water from their vacation home in Creston.

Gary was being asked on a regular basis to produce beers for special events for friends and he seriously began considering taking Boondocks Brewing from a Home Brewing operation to a Commercial Brewing operation.


Three Top Three Hop IPA New River Red Deep Gap Dark IPA Crestview Cream Ale



Fast forward to 2010 – Gary’s passion for Craft Beer and customer service had become somewhat of an obsession and he became very involved in the North Carolina Craft Beer movement, becoming quick friends with a number of soon to be Brewery owners.  By this time Gary had honed is home brewing skills and started operating his home brewing out of a second home that he and his Wife owned in Rocky Mount, NC.  Gary then rekindled his idea of “Boondocks” and he started branding his home brewed beers as “Boondocks Brewing”.  He also began focusing a lot of his time and attention to the Ashe County area where he and his wife’s family had a vacation home.  Gary would actually transport Spring water from Creston, in Ashe County, back to Rocky Mount for brewing – he recalls, “there was just something about the naturally fresh and tasty water of the area that turned normal recipes into something special”.

The following are some of the early branding ideas and beer labels that Gary began working on as the dream of Boondocks Brewing continued to develop.

Boondocks logo design 045 Boondocks logo design 062 Boondocks logo design 040  Boondocks logo design 066b Boondocks logo design 046h Boondocks logo design 046fBoondocks logo design 094g Boondocks logo design 065a Boondocks logo design 093a Boondocks logo design 083

Craft Beer

Fast forward to 2001 – The Bank in which Gary worked as Head of Information Technology was acquired by RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) and Gary took the role of Head of Technology Integration and Architecture for RBC US.  It was then that he began to travel to Toronto, Ontario and other parts of the US on a regular basis which opened up a new and exciting world of Craft Beer, quality food and world class service.

The Dream was Hatched

1983 – While stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY as a member of the 101st Airborne Division, our founder and Head Brewer, Gary Brown, started to dabble with brewing beer at home.  He is the first to admit that it was about cheap alcohol and not quality in those early days.  It was during Gary’s time in the Ft. Campbell area that a thought of someday opening a “cool” place called Boondocks was born.  This was also when Gary first started to “doodle” a character that would eventually become known as the “Boon Man”.
early Boonman