Our Brewery

From 2012 until late 2014 our small Brewery was located right inside the front door of our Restaurant located at 108 S Jefferson Ave.  All of our brewing was done in very small batches (less than 30 gallons at a time) in a very small space with a lot of manual labor.

DSC05631       boondocks-brewing-tap

In February 2015 we moved brewery operations from the Restaurant  to our recently opened Brew Haus location just up the street at 302 S. Jefferson Ave.

Brew Haus Front3

During the Summer of 2015 we expanded brewery operations by installing a 3BBL brewing system with 1 3BBL fermenter, 1 3BBL Brite Tank, and 3 5-Barrel Unitanks.


As far back as August 2014 the plan was to install a custom built brew house at the Brew Haus.  Even while taking smaller steps towards our end goal, our new system was being conceived and designed.  In late 2015 contracts were signed, designs were finalized, big checks were written and production began.  On July 25, 2016 we took delivery of our new custom built 5BBL Brewery and on August 1, 2016 (our 4th Anniversary) we completed the installation.  In order to make this implementation a success a lot of work and planning had to take place prior to July.  This included upgrading electrical circuits, installing a boiler system, changing some plumbing around and a lot of busted knuckles.  On August 4th 2016 we brewed our first batch on our new system – a mere 11 days since bringing it into the building……..

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