West Jefferson as is was right before Boondocks Brewing

The following is a 2011 video posted by David Rush as he rode through downtown West Jefferson.  This short video provides a unique glimpse of West Jefferson as Gary saw it while trying to determine if this would be the future location of Boondocks Brewing.  This video also shows the two locations that are currently occupied by Boondocks Brewing.  The first location in this video is Geno’s Restaurant.  In 2014 this was transformed into Boondocks Brewing’s Brew Haus.  The second location is Frasers Restaurant which in 2012 was the original location of Boondocks Brewing.  You can also see the empty parking lot beside the building which in 2013 was converted into a 60′ streetside covered outdoor dining area referred to as the Boon Deck.  The back portion of that parking area has also been transformed into a pet-friendly Beer Garden

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